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(MT-01) Tank 125€


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Ciao ragazzi,


 I have for sale my previous tank. It´s in good condition because it never crashed (it´s surfaces are OK) and it works perfectly. But it has some scratches and the left triangle that fix the seat broke because of the vibrations (frequent issue in this bike) some time ago, but it´s easily repairable and I was using it during a couple of years with no problem.

 Because of this two negative points, it´s price is pretty low (comparing with Ebay ones) = 125€
* Shipping from Barcelona, Spain and Paypal rates (+4´5%) not included)
 I think it´s perfect for somebody who has a more damaged one and want to replace it, or also for example to prepare it for extra capacity +15l...
 I could paint it and sell it more expensive, but I think that the one who would buy it may prefer chose it´s own colour/graphic design.
 Some pics:
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