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(MT-01) HELP: R1 Marchesini for MT-01


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Hi mates,


I need your help, specially from the people who has Marchesini wheels on their MT-01.


I recently bought a Marchesini M10RS Kompe (forged aluminium). Their product codes are: TA71259/TA72337. The wheels are awesome and stunning and I'm whishing to see my bike with this cool new shoes.


They're valid for:

YZF R6 2003-2009

YZF R1 2004-2009

FZ1 2005-2009


They were mounted in a 2007 R1 but are really like new with absolutely no scratches... The price was pretty good and the seller told me that Marchesini wheels are standard and only the components for sprocket/rotor carriers/etc are different between two bikes with same wheel sizes and you can order this parts separately to Marchesini. So I thought the wheels would fit essy in my MT-01... Even I didn't notice that it's rotor brake carriers has only 5 bolt holes and we need 6... I discovered it when the Marchesini wheels were already in my garage. I told the seller, who has a positive attitude and is trying to find a solution. He's proposing to change mi brake discs for R1 ones, but I think that they wouldn't fit the MT-01 calipers...


Making an internet research (a bit too late, I know) I found this Marchesini model than seems that fits Yamaha MT-01: Marchesini M10S Kompe Evo (MA808.808WC), and I could see that it has the right 6 bolts rotor carrier for example:




I wrote several emails to Marchesini and V2motorsport (its dealer in Spain) asking about if I can order separately the right components to make the wheels dit my bike (spacers, bearings or/and rotor carriers, etc.) but for the moment I've got no response...


Honestly, I'm a little bit disappointed and I don't know what to do. I have a set of wheels at home as cool as useless and no idea about how to make them work. I took a look to several of you guys who have Marchesini wheels in your MT-01 and I really need your help to know how you got it:


What I need to do/buy to make in order to make this damn wheels work in my MT-01?









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