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(MT-03) è caduto con tempo umido


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Ciao a tutti, nuovo qui.

Non conosco nessun italiano, quindi uso il traduttore di Google.

Il mio MT 03 è andato via nel pomeriggio con una forte precipitazioni e una strada bagnata.

Il motore è quindi ovvio a causa di problemi elettrici.


Qualcuno ha esperienza o suggerimenti per evitare problemi elettrici durante l'umidità o la pioggia o le condizioni umide.

Non vorrei restare ancora.



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Oke I will translate it.


Hi everybody, im new here.

This afternoon i was cruising the highway with my mt 03 (wet road, heavy rain) when all of the sudden the engine lost power and did not want to run properly anymore.

The next 15 minutes the engine stalled every 2 minutes. So i guess this was a moisture problem, and i guess it was a short circuit.


Have anybody experienced this? or maybe some tips? 

Maybe there are some weak spots in the MT 03 electrical system that needs to be extra isolated or checked ..

I already checked, the injection and the spark plug and also the coil where dry for as far the eye could see..


MT rides perfect now after drying in the heated barn.


Any tips or comments are welcome



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Ok, now it's all clear, thank you. ;)


Well, first thing to check in this case is the battery. The 03 is a pretty simple bike and the most frequent electrical problems went from an insufficient charge level or the clamps that went loose. Check this two simple things first, and then tell us if the problem persists.

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Hello guys,


Problem still isn't solved.


Tried the following things


- Made the voltage regulator waterproof

- Made the sensor at the motor stand waterproof


Tried the following things with a water hose, spraying on some parts one at the time


- Voltage regulator

- Sensor motor stand

- Kill switch

- Ignition switch 

- Sparkplug and the hole where the sparkplug is in


Still sometimes it doesn't run properly. 

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